Digitizing Scholastic institutions

School Management Software is very essential for increasing numbers of schools. In this world where everything is getting digitalized and speeding up, schools or educational institutes also desire to upgrade them with evolving technology.

The school management software provides the facility to carry out all day to day activities of the school, making them fast, easy, efficient and accurate. This software is simple but unified at integrated platform that connects all the departments of the school namely Office, Fee, Transport, Library, Hostel and so on. We develop school ERP Solutions that is integrated with SMS and E-Mail notifications.

Must-be Features of school ERP:

  • Always accessible from anywhere
  • Always up to date
  • Always secure
  • Secured backup
  • Awakening the future
  • Digitalized school management

The user-friendly School management software comes with login access for teachers, administrators, students, parents and management of the school. This paperless automation solution eliminates repeated data entry and helps institutions to work smart and focus on what they do best which is teaching. . It takes care of all institution management processes and requirements, right from admission to alumni record.

A school with effective and smooth software makes a positive impact on parents as they also want technical process and keep reminded always on their Smartphone or email. We provide some special features in custom school software as GPS enabled bus tracking system, notifications, reminder system, Payment Gateway Integration and many other.

Benefits of School ERP:

  • Reduce manual or spreadsheet-based jobs of administrations by more than 50% by using one virtual office system
  • Ensure the safety of students with security measures including GPS tracking, RFID and biometric devices and visitor management system.
  • Enhance parental involvement in a students education with customized parent app, regular notifications and reports, improved communication features, etc.

Benefits of hiring best school Management software Development Company:

  • Ease of communication between teachers, students and parents
  • Easy to keep track of reports of student/teacher or old records
  • Easy to carry day to day activities of school
  • Easy to plan future activities and day scheduling
  • Proper convey of message to everyone related to school

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