Rent and earn from your investments

Rental website development implies development of an e-Commerce website where products are placed for rent. This makes a user to view the products online and decide accordingly what to rent. It creates a bridge between user and renter through a secure platform. It includes an admin panel for adding rental equipment machines, cars, and many other things and user panel for end user/vendor.

Our rental website solution is unique and customized. Here many vendors can register and create their login Id. With small payment on renter website vendors can demonstrate their products and can gain big platform for selling their products or services.

You can understand with basic workflow of portal:

Features of rental website:

  •  Mobile friendly responsive portal
  •  Customized system
  •  User friendly CMS
  •  Chat facility
  •  Email notifications and SMS alerts
  •  Reminder Notifications
  •  Order management
  •  Invoice Generation
  •  Shipping method management

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