Who are we?


Tie2Innovation is a company recognized by Startup India and DPIIT. Our goal is to provide the best quality services at the lowest price and we are doing everything to bring the cost down without compromising the quality of the service.

We believe that only quality of service is something which matters most. We do not have any big offices. We only hire employees who can work with us as a freelancer and we also do not burn cash for advertisement.

This is the reason that our cost for service is lower than any other company and we provide the best quality work as we have a strong network of 50+ freelancers.

How do we work?


  • We have a big network of 50+ freelancers from different countries who are skilled in various segments like website development, application development, SEO, Blogging, etc.
  • As we have a very strong network of freelancers, we choose the best one, keeping your budget in mind to provide the best value for your money.
  • Our work from anywhere model helps us to reduce the charge of services. We do not bear any office rent. This allows us to offer big service discounts to our customers.
  • We do not have employees on monthly salary as most of our work is done by freelancers, which helps us to reduce the cost we charge from our customers.
  • We do not burn cash for advertisements. For advertising, we take the help of free platforms like Facebook, Instagram which helps us bring the cost down.